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Adobe Test&Target vs. Adobe Analytics (formerly SiteCatalyst)

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Preference (0% global votes) (0% global votes)
Website www.​adobe.​com/​de/​products…dtarget.​html www.​adobe.​com/​solutions/​d…alytics.​html
A/B/n Yes ?
Multivariant Tests Yes ?
Split URL No ?
Test user segmentation general Yes ?
Test user segmentation variations Yes ?
Targets behavioral Yes ?
Self defined targets Yes ?
Test duration recommendation Yes ?
Test significance recommendation Yes ?
Test Duration Calculation Yes ?
Click & Edit in Place / WYSIWYG Yes ?
Pause Test Yes ?
Reset Test Yes ?
Clone Test Yes ?
Test Start Schedule Yes ?
Test Pause Schedule Yes ?
Test End Schedule Yes ?
Cross Domain Testing Yes ?
Cross Domain Tracking Yes Conditional
Code Integration
Hosting type ?
Asyncronous JS loading Yes ?
Content Manipulation Yes ?
JavaScript Library included Yes ?
Multi-user system Yes Yes
Multi Login Yes ?
CMS Plugins ?
Web Analytics Plugins ?
Staging Server Support Yes Conditional
API Reports Yes Yes
API Test Control Yes ?
Graphical Reports Yes Yes
Grid reports Yes ?
Cummulated reporting Yes ?
Chronological reporting Yes ?
Segment / filter results Yes ?
E-Mail Notification No ?
Preview Yes ?
Screenshot Yes ?
Heatmap No No
Clickmap No Yes
Multiple Conversion Goals Yes Yes
Revenue Tracking Yes Yes
Archive Yes ?
Export file type ?
Customer Support ★☆☆☆☆ ?
Support Language
Community ?
Cost Calculation Base Page Views Cost per Million Server Calls (Hits)
Payment Interval ?
Cancellation option
Licenses model
Limited test period Conditional ?
Real time analytics Yes Conditional
Review www.​konversionskraft.​de/​c…-teil-1.​html ?
iOS App Optimization Yes ?
product recommendations Yes ?
Free to use ? No
API comprehensibility ? ★★☆☆☆
Offline Data Integration ? Yes
User ID Stitching ? Yes
Data Sampling Threshold (Visits) ? 0
Data Sampling (Raw Data) ? No
Data Sampling (Reports) ? No
Custom Dimensions Supported ? 150
Custom Metrics Supported ? 100
Custom Events Supported ? 100
Duplicate Data Set Tracking ? No
REGEX for Reporting Queries/Filtering ? No
Customizable Tracking Libraries ? Yes
Calculated Metrics Supported ? Yes
Native Adwords Integration ? No
Native Adsense Integration ? No
Native Social Tracking ? Yes
Native Google Webmaster Integration ? No
Custom Video Tracking ? Yes
Custom Dimension Expirations ? Yes
Reporting Correlation Limits ? 10
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Adobe Test&Target Adobe Analytics (formerly SiteCatalyst)
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