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Apache Tapestry vs. Play! Framework

Apache Tapestry Play! Framework + Add column
Preference 56% votes 44% votes
Website tapestry.​apache.​org www.​playframework.​org
Scaffolding No Yes
Full text search ? Yes
Development principles
Design pattern
Multilingual content Yes Yes
System requirements
Operating system
Programming language
Memory recommended ? 1 GB
Memory minimum ? 50 MB
Description Code less, deliver more Finally a Java Web framework made by Web developers. Discover a clean alternative to bloated enterprise Java stacks. Play focuses on developer productivity and targets RESTful architectures.
Tag Java MVC
Multi-user system Yes Yes
Autofocus Yes Yes
Extension/Plug-in Yes Yes
Transactions Yes Yes
Unicode Yes Yes
WYSIWYG-Editor Yes Yes
Multiple projects Yes Yes
Standard compliance Yes Yes
External pages Yes Yes
Horizontal scalable Yes Yes
Template language
Target audience
Difficulty level
Version number 5.3.8 2.5.0
Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) Yes Yes
Release Date 2006 ?
Documentation level ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆
E-Mail protocols
RESTful Conditional Yes
Code Generation No Yes
Dynamic typing No No
Programming paradigm
Scripting language support
Free to use Yes Yes
Active Yes Yes
Supported VCS
Database Connection Pooling Yes Yes
Compression Yes ?
Separate Service Layer Yes Yes
Web Flows Yes Yes
Heroku Support Yes ?
Community Driven Yes Good
HTML syntax No Yes
Reliability ★★★★☆ ★★★★★
Layout Structure Template Yes Yes
File Assets Yes Yes
API Good Good
Compiled language Yes Yes
Efficient Yes ?
IDE Yes ?
Jobs Oportunities ★★☆☆☆ ★★★★☆
Implementation flexibility (100% global votes) (52% global votes)
Out-of-the-box functionality (100% global votes) (52% global votes)
Bundle system Yes Yes
Annotation Support Yes Yes
Realtime Yes Yes
Community feedback ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆
Ease of use ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆
Free for commercial use Yes Yes
Open Source Yes Yes
Maven support Yes Yes
Perfomance ★★★★☆ ★★★★★
I like it Yes Yes
Debug Mode Yes Yes
Static Typing Yes Yes
Supported from Google No ?
Makes you angry Yes No
Spring Security Yes ?
Easy to Learn Yes Yes
Ajax Yes Yes
Jquery Yes Yes
jQuery Support Yes Yes
Jetty Yes Yes
Component Oriented Yes Yes
Internationalization Yes Yes
Easy to Config Yes No
Will get you a job Yes Yes
Scalability Yes Yes
Supported by Microsoft No No
Official IDE Support Yes Yes
Can function without AJAX Yes Yes
MVC Yes Yes
deprecated No No
Mario Cabron Yes ?
300 baud No Yes
is it dumb to allow rows to be added without moderation? Yes ?
merhaba Yes ?
Pingback ? Yes
Image processing engin ? via library
Interpreter ? Yes
Trackback ? Yes
Database model ?
Gray to gray time ? ★★★☆☆
Energy consumption ? ★★★☆☆
Angle viewing ? ★★★★★
User statistics ? Yes
Map and reduce ? Yes
Revision control ? Yes
Atomicity ? Yes
Isolation ? Yes
Application startup time ? 1 m
Adobe Flash Support ? Yes
Machine Code Generation ? Yes
Multi tasking ? Yes
Influences ?
Composite keys ? No
Comments ? Yes
Multiple categories ? Yes
Hierarchical menus ? Yes
Frontend ?
Creation Date ? 2007
Wizard ? Yes
WSDL ? Yes
REPL ? Yes
Versioning ? Good
Data encryption ? Yes
Sentiment detection ? Good
Custom queries ? Good
Input Widgets ? Yes
XML Aware ? Good
Client/Server code reuse ?
Air play support ? Yes
Data storage ?
Native driver ?
Batch Processing ? Yes
Cloud platform support ?
Admin Generator ? No
Compiler ? Yes
API comprehensibility ? ★★★★★
Active Directory ? Yes
Custom Themes ? Yes
Webmail ? Yes
Throttling ? Yes
SOA ? Yes
LDAP ? Yes
Backup functionality ? Basic
Query Cache ? Yes
Data Security ? Yes
Highly Available ? Yes
Malicious Injection Prevention ? Yes
Openshift Paas Support ? Yes
Geospatial elements ? Yes
Copy, Cut and Paste Support ? Yes
Duck typing ? Yes
Realtime Server Push ? Yes
Easy of Use ? Yes
JVM ? Yes
CLR ? No
Content Preview ? Yes
Nested Comments ? Yes
Type inference ? Yes
Web Developer Toolbar ? Yes
IntelliSense ? Yes
Magic ? Yes
Websocket Support ? Yes
Resource File Processing ? Yes
Events Support ? Yes
Language Integrated Query ? Yes
Properties ? Yes
Partial Classes ? Yes
Closures ? Yes
iOS Development Support ? Yes
Native asynchronous operators await/async ? Yes
Database migrations ? Yes
Asyncronous JS loading ? Yes
JavaScript Library included ? Yes
Cloud-enabled ? Yes
API Test Control ? Yes
Autocomplete Code ? Yes
Dependency Injection ? Yes
Personalization ? Yes
Extensibility ? Yes
Unit Testing ? Yes
User management ? No
SCL ? 2
Stacktrace history ? Yes
Pattern Matching ? Yes
JavaScript Event Binding ? No
ORM Join Support ? Yes
Object-Oriented Views ? Yes
View reloading ? Yes
Object Oriented Models ? Yes
Suggested developer experience ? 2
Mobile ready ? Yes
PDF Support ? Yes
Operating system server ?
Package Manager ? Yes
Makes developer create a slew of inefficient Javascript ? No
Easy Setup ? Yes
Hipster-ready ? Yes
Vertically Scalable ? Yes
Full-Stack ? Yes
User-friendly ? No
SEO ? Yes
Heroku Support ? Yes
Type Safety ? Yes
Self Server ? Yes
Is reliable and secure ? Yes
Ability to link to external programs and systems ? Yes
Use components elsewhere? ? Yes
Hot deployment ? Yes
Responsive Website ? Yes
Has SBT ? Yes
Gradle Support ? Yes
Fully OO ? Yes
Dynamic Language ? Yes
Ease of writing plugins/extensions ? 8
Support for Testing Plugins/Extensions ? 8
Enterprise ? Yes
Namespaces ? Yes
CKDI - All the Cool Kids Do It ? Yes
Goose Typing ? Yes
3rd Party Lib Support ? Yes
Will make super models fall in love with you ? Yes
24/7 support ? Yes
Developed for Human ? Yes
ORM that doesn't hurt ? Yes
Written By Monkeys ? No
? Yes
Windows support ? Yes
Increase Stress Levels ? Yes
SQL Injection Support ? Yes
Inheritance ? Yes
IDE method invoke validation ? Yes
State of the art technology ? Yes
AlienTech ready? ? Yes
Awesome ? Yes
Makes your hair fall ? Yes
Bullshit ? No
Looks good on resumé ? Yes
Made Crazy Developer ? Yes
Proves You Can Code? ? Yes
Has Stupid Developers ? Yes
Shitty Code ? Yes
Faster ? Yes
Does your mom understand it ? Yes
Clean ? Yes
High peformance ? Yes
Liked by non-geeks ? No
Wasay recommended ? Yes
Make life easier ? No
Can be developed from linux ? Yes
Alien ? Yes
Over 9000 ? No
elegant ? Yes
Doesn't Suck ? Yes
Write Less, Do More ? No
CLI` ? Yes
cache ? Yes
Bootstrap ? Yes
Do I Like it ? Yes
Used by Chuck Norris ? No
Command-line console ? Yes
Horsepower ? 800
Did I waste my time going down all these options?! ? Yes
Gay friendly ? No
can make u rich ? Yes
Halal ? Yes
Better than Node.js ? Yes
Easy to learn ? No
Am i drunk ? ? Yes
Simple ? No
stupid comparisson ? Yes
Can be deployed via file copying? ? Yes
Introduces weird tab-based syntaxes for HTML, CSS and JS ? No
Induces erection ? Yes
Was it worth reading till end? ? No
Is Better Than ASP .NET MVC ? Yes
It sucks ? No
Best than Laravel ? Yes
Hard to learn ? No
Will see in future ? Yes
Nonsense ? No
Actually works ? Yes
Ma bite ? 1 000 km
Bullshit per second ? -1
is from microsoft ? No
Hitler liked it ? Yes
Makes you insane ? Yes
Supports Web ? Yes
Big Data ready ? Yes
Can be done with your eyes closed ? No
nice ? Yes
4+2 ? 6
hello ? Yes
; drop table users; ? Yes
Chea Socheat ? 1 s
dafuq!!! did i just read all this bullshit ? Yes
can donald trump build a wall using this ? ? Yes
love ZKH ? Yes
Traffic Scalability ? Yes
Simple to understand ? No
Can make you look smart ? Yes
increases your sex appeal by ? 5
Does it make you randy ? Yes
Sexy? ? No
Is a season? ? No
Nilesh Approves ? No
Reads naturally ? Yes
Fast to develop ? No
A genius would like it ? No
Fun to work with ? No
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Apache Tapestry Play! Framework
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