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Website www.​bafg.​de
Description Federal Institute of Hydrology
Multi-user system Yes
Multilingual content Yes
Energy consumption ★★★☆☆
Multiple projects Yes
User statistics No
Isolation No
Width 75 m
Length 50 m
Target audience
Full text search No
Design pattern
Development principles
Difficulty level
Preference (100% global votes)
Documentation level ★★★★☆
Free of ads Yes
Wastebag No
Programming paradigm
Comments Yes
Multiple categories Yes
Free to use Conditional
Active Yes
Community Driven Good
Wizard No
Reliability ★★★★☆
Data encryption Conditional
FTP Support
Input Widgets Yes
Response workflow Good
Active Directory Yes
Webmail Yes
Jobs Oportunities ★★★☆☆
Control structures Yes
Backup functionality Good
Community feedback ★★★★☆
Ease of use ★★★☆☆
Highly Available Yes
Copy, Cut and Paste Support Yes
Useless No
Sexiness 0
Events Support Yes
Perfomance ★★★★☆
Archive Yes
Makes you angry No
Extensibility Yes
Mobile ready No
Administrator responsive? Yes
User-friendly Yes
unnecessary features No
Internationalization Yes
Can you modify it freely to make it better No
time consuming development No
Will get you a job No
Is reliable and secure Yes
Partner Respect Yes
Supported by Microsoft Yes
Messy No
24/7 support No
Spying on you No
Developed for Human Yes
Exist In The Future Yes
DrivesYouCrazy No
Written By Monkeys No
123 Yes
Garbage Collection Yes
Any good? Yes
Increase Stress Levels Yes
:) Yes
State of the art technology Yes
deprecated No
Awesome Yes
Makes your hair fall No
Looks good on resumé Yes
Made Crazy Developer No
Proves You Can Code? No
Shitty Code No
Faster Yes
Clean Yes
Atractive Yes
High peformance Yes
Make life easier No
1 OR 1=1; Yes
Doesn't Suck Yes
Write Less, Do More Yes
Used by Chuck Norris No
Funny No
Brutality 0
Did I waste my time going down all these options?! No
Write More, Do Less No
+ or - Yes
Simple No
Can make a cup of coffee No
fgfhg 0
Actually works Yes
Makes you happy:) Yes
You also wasted time on this? No
Is for noobs No
Can teleport an unicorn in your room No
is from microsoft No
wtf/minute 0
Can i sleep with it ? No
:( No
will become your best friend No
has pointers Yes
The Cow likes it No
Yes or No? Yes
Drive a Maserati? No
Is the best? Yes
Overpriced? No
Makes you wanna have sex? No
4+2 42
; drop table users; Yes
Does it Collect Garbage? Yes
McDonalds Approved No
Anthropomorphism No
Is this table useless? No
Yes Yes
69 No
Make you Cry? No
Runs Half-life 3 No
Allows you to edit from the future No
Superior Yes
9/11 119
You Sure? Yes
Dimension 3
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