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Erlang vs. C

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Preference (50% global votes) (55% global votes)
Website www.​erlang.​org ?
License ?
Unicode Yes Yes
Interpreter Yes Yes
Description Rules them all Statically typed language.
Tag Functional, COPL Procedural
Operating system
Programming language
Multilingual content Conditional ?
Transactions Yes ?
Map and reduce Yes ?
Atomicity Yes ?
Horizontal scalable Yes ?
Target audience ?
Framework ?
Design pattern ?
Difficulty level
Version number 18.1 12.ª
Machine Code Generation Yes Yes
Release Date 1986 1972
Documentation level ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆
Multi tasking Yes ?
Dynamic typing Yes No
Programming paradigm
Comments Yes Yes
Free to use Yes Yes
Backend ?
Active Yes ?
Creation Date 1986 1972
REPL Yes ?
Reliability ★★★★★ ★★★★☆
Compiled language Conditional Yes
Embeddable Yes No
Cloud platform support ?
Compiler Yes Yes
API comprehensibility ★★★☆☆ ?
Jobs Oportunities ★★☆☆☆ ★★★★☆
Implementation flexibility (100% global votes) (33% global votes)
Out-of-the-box functionality (100% global votes) (50% global votes)
Control structures Yes Yes
Realtime Yes ?
Community feedback ★★★★☆ ?
Ease of use ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆
Free for commercial use Yes Yes
Duck typing Yes No
Useless No ?
Easy of Use Yes No
Sexiness 10 000 ?
Open Source Yes ?
Type inference No ?
Websocket Support Yes ?
Events Support Yes ?
Lambda Expressions Yes No
Method signatures passing as parameter Yes ?
Closures Yes ?
Native asynchronous operators await/async Yes ?
Perfomance ★★★★★ ★★★★★
I like it Yes Yes
Debug Mode Yes ?
Static Typing No ?
Cloud-enabled Yes ?
Click & Edit in Place / WYSIWYG No ?
Autocomplete Code No ?
Symbols Yes ?
Supported from Google No Yes
Easy to Learn Yes Yes
Extensibility Yes ?
Unit Testing Yes ?
Ajax Yes Yes
Macro System Yes ?
Higher Kinded Types Yes No
Pattern Matching Yes ?
Compiler Plugin Architecture Yes ?
Requests per second 2 800 000 ?
Operating system server ?
Package Manager Yes ?
Easy Setup Yes ?
Vertically Scalable Yes ?
Component Oriented Yes ?
Heroku Support Yes ?
Easy to Config No ?
JIT Compiler Yes ?
Self Server Yes ?
Will get you a job Yes Yes
Scalability Yes ?
Ability to link to external programs and systems Yes ?
Supported by Microsoft No Yes
Official IDE Support No ?
Can function without AJAX Yes ?
Concurrency Yes ?
Programs ?
Enterprise Yes ?
Namespaces Yes Yes
MVC Yes ?
Will deliver you tacos when you are hungry Yes ?
WillGetYouLaid Yes ?
Developed for Human Yes No
3D Support Yes ?
Garbage Collection Yes No
Yes ?
Increase Stress Levels No Yes
C++ power No ?
High peformance Yes Yes
Will get you a girlfriend Yes Yes
Make life easier Yes ?
Can be developed from linux Yes ?
Doesn't Suck Yes ?
Do I Like it Yes ?
Brutality 42 ?
Is it Lisp? Yes No
Multi-user system ? Yes
WYSIWYG-Editor ? No
Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) ? Yes
E-Mail protocols ?
Code Generation ? Yes
Scripting language support ?
Language Integrated Query ? Yes
Properties ? Yes
Partial Classes ? Yes
Unsafe code support ? Yes
Makes you angry ? Yes
Looks good on resumé ? Yes
are you stupid ? Yes
Will it blend? ? No
¿Es una Cagada? ? Yes
has pointers ? Yes
The Cow likes it ? No
is a language? ? Yes
Cucumber ? Yes
Did Microsoft declare it "the standard"? ? No
Hello World! ? Yes
Can it print 39? ? Yes
Yes or No? ? Yes
Best language ever? ? Yes
Does it poop in your fridge? ? Yes
Makes you a racist? ? Yes
can understand parseltongue? ? No
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Erlang C
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