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Preference (100% global votes)
Website https:/​/​en.​wikipedia.​org/​…ng_language)
Interpreter Yes
Operating system
Price rating ★★★★☆
Target audience
Machine Code Generation Yes
Documentation level ★★★☆☆
Dynamic typing No
Programming paradigm
Comments Yes
Free to use Yes
Active Yes
Reliability ★★★★☆
Syntax Highlighting Yes
Data types
Compiler Yes
Ease of use ★★★☆☆
Free for commercial use Yes
Useless No
Sexiness 1 337
Open Source Yes
Magic Yes
Perfomance ★★★★☆
I like it Yes
Autocomplete Code Yes
Makes you angry No
Easy to Learn Yes
Macro System Yes
Object Oriented Models Yes
Easy Setup Yes
Supported by Microsoft No
Bytecode Generation Yes
Use components elsewhere? Yes
Can function without AJAX Yes
wtf mode Yes
Smokes Crack Yes
WillGetYouLaid Yes
javascript compiler No
Is VsChart totally worthless? No
Garbage Collection No
fappable Yes
Increase Stress Levels Yes
:) Yes
Awesome Yes
Makes your hair fall No
Proves You Can Code? Yes
Does your mom understand it No
Atractive Yes
High peformance Yes
Can be developed from linux Yes
elegant Yes
Doesn't Suck Yes
Does it hate you? No
Do I Like it Yes
Used by Chuck Norris Yes
Funny Yes
Brutality 666
Better than Node.js Yes
Easy to learn No
Can make a cup of coffee Yes
Для шкальников No
Is it Lisp? No
It sucks No
Actually works Yes
You also wasted time on this? Yes
Impresses your boss Yes
WillcreatewarBetwenUS&Russia Yes
is from microsoft No
Hitler liked it No
Almost Godly in Power Yes
Makes you insane Yes
has pointers Yes
The Cow likes it Yes
is a language? Yes
Can be used while on drugs Yes
Did Microsoft declare it "the standard"? Yes
Hello World! Yes
Can it print 39? Yes
Best language ever? Yes
Makes you a racist? No
Should I learnd It? Yes
Used to program jet fighters? Yes
Makes you wanna have sex? Yes
Justin Bieber Yes
4+2 2
Are you still reading? Yes
Allow you to use the Force Yes
Does it Collect Garbage? No
Allows Spaghetti code No
can donald trump build a wall using this ? Yes
Is this chart bullshit ? No
Cures Cancer No
Votes For Trump No
Uses Nazi symbol for logo No
Trump approved No
Sexy? Yes
Will Help Trump Make America Great Again No
Willy Yes
Reads naturally No
Fast to develop Yes
Resilient to change Yes
Mistake proof No
Approved by gay community Yes
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