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F Sharp
Preference (55% global votes)
Website fsharp.​net
Unicode Yes
Script language Yes
Interpreter Yes
Description F# (pronounced F Sharp) is a multi-paradigm programming language, targeting the .NET Framework, that encompasses functional programming as well as imperative and object-oriented programming disciplines. It is a variant of ML and is largely compatible with the OCaml implementation.
Tag Multi-paradigm programming language, OOP, Functional programming, Concurrent programming, Agent programming
Memory recommended 2 GB
Extension/Plug-in Yes
Image processing engin Any .net libraries
Operating system
Programming language
Multilingual content Yes
Database model
Transactions Yes
Energy consumption ★★★★☆
Angle viewing ★★★★☆
Price rating ★★★★☆
WYSIWYG-Editor Yes
Multiple projects Yes
Standard compliance Yes
External pages Yes
User statistics Yes
Map and reduce Yes
Revision control Yes
Atomicity Yes
Isolation Yes
Horizontal scalable Yes
Template language
Target audience
Full text search Yes
Scaffolding Yes
Design pattern
Development principles
Difficulty level
Application startup time 4 s
Version number 4.6
Adobe Flash Support No
Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) Yes
Infrared Port Yes
Machine Code Generation Yes
Release Date 2005
3D Screen Yes
Documentation level ★★★★★
E-Mail protocols
Multi tasking Yes
RESTful Yes
Wastebag No
Shut Down System Yes
Lines of code 64 k
Code Generation Yes
Dynamic typing Yes
Value size max. 32 B
Programming paradigm
Comments Yes
Multiple categories Yes
Hierarchical menus No
Scripting language support
Free to use Yes
Active Yes
Supported VCS
Database Connection Pooling Yes
Compression Yes
Audio Out Yes
Separate Service Layer Yes
Web Flows Yes
Creation Date 2004
Community Driven Good
Expert Sources Yes
Wizard Yes
Alexa Rank 0
HTML syntax Yes
Reliability ★★★★★
Sync file manager Good
Versioning Good
Data encryption Conditional
Custom queries Good
Input Widgets Yes
Layout Structure Template Yes
File Assets Yes
API Good
Compiled language Yes
Syntax Highlighting Yes
XML Aware Good
Client/Server code reuse
Number of Frets 123
Embeddable Yes
Data storage
Native driver
Open Architecture Yes
Batch Processing Yes
Cloud platform support
Data types
Admin Generator Yes
Compiler Yes
Browser support
API comprehensibility ★★★★☆
Active Directory Yes
Custom Themes Yes
Webmail Yes
Jobs Oportunities ★★★☆☆
Implementation flexibility (77% global votes)
Out-of-the-box functionality (71% global votes)
Throttling Yes
Control structures Yes
Bundle system Yes
Annotation Support Yes
Backup functionality Good
Query Cache Yes
Realtime Yes
Data Security Yes
Community feedback ★★★★★
Ease of use ★★★★★
Highly Available Yes
Malicious Injection Prevention Yes
Openshift Paas Support No
Geospatial elements Yes
Free for commercial use Yes
Read preferences Yes
Duck typing Yes
GPL compatible Yes
Useless No
Realtime Server Push Yes
Easy of Use Yes
Latest Standard May 2018
Open Source Yes
Source Repository
Value-to-Object Transformation Yes
Nested Comments Yes
Type inference Yes
IntelliSense Yes
Magic Yes
Websocket Support Yes
Maven support No
Resource File Processing Yes
Events Support Yes
Lambda Expressions Yes
Language Integrated Query Yes
Properties Yes
Partial Classes Yes
Unsafe code support Yes
Value types creation Yes
Value type variables passing as reference Yes
Method signatures passing as parameter Yes
Safe casting Yes
Global Assembly Cache Yes
Runtime Generic Support Yes
Runtime dynamic types Yes
Closures Yes
Delegates Yes
iOS Development Support Yes
Native asynchronous operators await/async Yes
Perfomance ★★★★☆
Database migrations Yes
I like it Yes
A/B/n Yes
Asyncronous JS loading Yes
JavaScript Library included No
Debug Mode Yes
Static Typing Yes
Cloud-enabled Yes
Reset Test Yes
Clone Test Yes
Click & Edit in Place / WYSIWYG Conditional
Archive Yes
API Test Control Yes
Autocomplete Code Yes
Dependency Injection Yes
NodeJitsu Support Yes
Symbols Yes
Personalization Yes
Supported from Google No
Makes you angry No
Spring Data Support Yes
Easy to Learn Yes
Creates a slew of inefficient Javascript No
Extensibility Yes
Unit Testing Yes
Ajax Yes
User management Yes
Macro System No
Higher Kinded Types Yes
Pattern Matching Yes
Compiler Plugin Architecture Yes
JavaScript Event Binding Yes
ORM Join Support Yes
Object-Oriented Views Yes
Object Oriented Models Yes
Mobile ready Yes
module Yes
PDF Support Yes
Operating system server
Package Manager Yes
Makes developer create a slew of inefficient Javascript No
Easy Setup Yes
Jquery Yes
reuse java libs Yes
jQuery Support Yes
Optional Static Type Yes
Modules/Extensions/Plugins 10 000
Supports Plugins Yes
Hipster-ready Yes
Stored Procedure No
Grey 9 000 km
Vertically Scalable Yes
Android App Yes
Full-Stack Yes
Clients synchronization Yes
Supports custom tags Yes
User-friendly Yes
Component Oriented Yes
Internationalization Yes
Heroku Support Yes
Stateless Yes
Framework specific vocabulary Yes
Easy to Config Yes
Can you modify it freely to make it better Yes
JIT Compiler Yes
Type Safety Yes
Self Server Yes
Will get you a job Yes
Is reliable and secure Yes
Text-based Yes
Scalability Yes
Ability to link to external programs and systems Yes
Supported by Microsoft Yes
Bytecode Generation Yes
Official IDE Support Yes
Amount of letters 2
Tasks Yes
PhpStorm No
Use components elsewhere? Yes
Hot deployment Yes
Responsive Website Yes
Has SBT No
Can function without AJAX Yes
Concurrency Yes
HTML Binding Yes
Messy No
Fully OO Yes
Dynamic Language Yes
Meta Object Protocol Yes
Enterprise Yes
Namespaces Yes
Linguagem do capeta Yes
Crud generation Yes
wtf mode Yes
CKDI - All the Cool Kids Do It Yes
Currying Yes
Named Fred No
Smokes Crack No
Android Development Support Yes
3rd Party Lib Support Yes
Stability 101
24/7 support Yes
Average Salary 6
Developed for Human Yes
Socket Latency 1
Exist In The Future Yes
ORM that doesn't hurt Yes
Actual chances of getting laid regardless Yes
Does cofee? Yes
DrivesYouCrazy No
Windows Development Support Yes
3D Support Yes
GrosseBite No
javascript compiler Yes
Is VsChart totally worthless? Yes
Manual Memory Management Yes
Garbage Collection Yes
fappable Yes
Smells like chips Yes
Aida Corrales Mier Yes
Will make your wiener twitch Yes
Windows support Yes
Increase Stress Levels No
Ease of Use 9 999 999 999 999
Inheritance Yes
IDE method invoke validation Yes
IDE field use validation Yes
:) Yes
State of the art technology Yes
deprecated No
C++ power Yes
Kung fu Yes
Awesome Yes
Makes your hair fall No
Bullshit No
Looks good on resumé Yes
Status 2019
People in suits Yes
Used by boners Yes
Tranny Approved Yes
Can Mine BTC Yes
Works with FIRSTCLASS Yes
coolnes rating Yes
Proves You Can Code? Yes
Has Stupid Developers No
Tasty Yes
Shitty Code No
Is a Snake ? No
Faster Yes
Does your mom like it Yes
Does your mom understand it No
zada 2019
Crappy as wordpress No
Clean Yes
Atractive Yes
High peformance Yes
For handsome devs Yes
Make life easier Yes
Can be developed from linux Yes
1 OR 1=1; No
Starts with A No
elegant Yes
Doesn't Suck Yes
Write Less, Do More Yes
Supports Sanford No
Makes You Wanna Puke Yes
Does it hate you? No
Internal DSLs Yes
CLI` Yes
cache Yes
Bootstrap Yes
Do I Like it Yes
Used by Chuck Norris Yes
Has cheeseburger Yes
Funny Yes
IE Compatibility Yes
Command-line console Yes
Brutality 0.1
Did I waste my time going down all these options?! Yes
can make u rich Yes
Halal Yes
Dix Yes
are you stupid Yes
Write More, Do Less No
Better than Node.js Yes
Support of pandas Yes
Popularity 69 417
Biased No
German Yes
Unicorns Yes
Is node better boss No
Isomorphic Yes
Easy to learn Yes
+ or - Yes
Stupid No
Integrated Debugger Yes
WTF is this? No
annnet Yes
Final Score 101
Simple Yes
A lisp? No
This is getting out of hand. Yes
Can make a cup of coffee Yes
makes my titties squeak like a duck Yes
What are you guys adding here Yes
Arduino Yes
Makes you want to eat a taco? Yes
Is it Lisp? No
Is a bird? No
This site is useless Yes
Chutiyapa Yes
Often makes you go insane No
template metaprogramming No
true modules Yes
Induces erection Yes
Was it worth reading till end? Yes
Is Better Than ASP .NET MVC Yes
Pretty Look Yes
Can create an OS in it
It sucks No
Best than Laravel Yes
something Yes
Hard to learn No
Waterproof? Yes
Could be used also in a computer? Yes
Feeling Special Yes
Will it blend? Yes
Will see in future Yes
Has vagina? Yes
can it hello world? Yes
A co z JSP Yes
Actually works Yes
will make you reach Yes
Waste No
You also wasted time on this? Yes
¿Es una Cagada? Yes
Is for noobs Yes
Impresses your boss Yes
yes Yes
Can teleport an unicorn in your room No
¿Es una moda culiá? Yes
is from microsoft Yes
lol Yes
Hitler liked it No
Beauty 9 001
wtf/minute 40
Almost Godly in Power Yes
Makes you insane No
\lim_{x\to 2}f(x)=w?
:( No
Stateful Yes
Abstracts complexity of UI Components Yes
Cherisys 0.001 B
is it dumb to allow rows to be added without moderation? No
seriously No
has pointers Yes
Hakuna matata No
Modify Code in Runtime Yes
Can be used to invoke demons Yes
The Cow likes it Yes
Cucumber Yes
Recomended by Morgan Freeman? No
Can be used while on drugs Yes
达尼 No
Supports supporting Yes
Did Microsoft declare it "the standard"? No
Hello World! Yes
Can it print 39? Yes
Yes or No? Yes
Best language ever? Yes
Makes you a racist? No
can understand parseltongue? Yes
Is Force sensitive? No
Drive a Maserati? Yes
Sometimes I like to imagine that I'm a banana Yes
Weeeeeeeeee Yes
Admin interface? Yes
Banana Support Yes
Will it blend? Yes
Fluxkompensator Yes
Pinnacle Yes
Rildo master support Yes
Should I learnd It? Yes
Is 3am in the morning already ? Yes
360 noscope triple headshot API Yes
Pineapple Support? Yes
Multiple Inheritance Yes
Multiple Dispatch No
Make communism closer? No
Is a cagada No
Yes Yes
Maybe Yes
Don't scroll anymore. Waste time Yes
Bikin Gila Yes
Used to program jet fighters? Yes
Is a nazi? No
Butt Rash No
Winner Yes
Anyone can add rows Yes
Makes you wanna have sex? Yes
smart Yes
Did you get here? Yes
Is this fun or what? Yes
surpasses alpha? No
supports Serialization Yes
Supports Web Yes
Big Data ready Yes
optimized for nes No
Justin Bieber Yes
Is Shrek Dreck? Yes
Can be done with your eyes closed Yes
4+2 6
Are you still reading? Yes
Makes you breakfast in the morning Yes
Allow you to use the Force Yes
; drop table users; Yes
Has bad gas? No
Threadsafe Yes
"; drop table *; 2 019
your auntie can understand Yes
Einstein will be happy to see Yes
Stolen Yes
Vendor Lock-In Yes
Will it degrade your intelligence Yes
Does it Collect Garbage? Yes
Average executable size (MB) 9 001
¿es una chimba? Yes
Brazil Yes
negerlul Yes
tosses your salad Yes
Does your laundry? Yes
Spelled with 2 letters Yes
Power Level 9 000 GW
Power Level 7 kW
Keyboard support No
cala bilir Yes
Makes you thirsty ? No
Suitable for Desktop App Development Yes
Suitable For CLI Development Yes
Suitable for Shell Scripting Yes
Suitable for Mobile Development Yes
IntelliSence support Yes
Java Tool Support No
JavaScript Tool Support No
CodeCoverage Support Yes
Allows Spaghetti code No
Is it the definition of Awesome? Yes
Does it give you LÖVE? Yes
>implyingprogramming approved Yes
dafuq!!! did i just read all this bullshit No
can donald trump build a wall using this ? No
Is this chart bullshit ? Yes
Will kill your cats No
Makes you beleive, you can fly Yes
Is used by new millennial programmers? Yes
Cures Cancer No
Makes you a sandwich Yes
Can be used for sexual satisfaction Yes
Walter La Ganga 4 W
McDonalds Approved Yes
Traffic Scalability Yes
42 ? Yes
Faster than Taylor Swift Yes
Make you read till the end of that f/,?# list No
Votes For Trump No
How long it takes to learn? 1 y
Supports feminism No
Would vote for Trump No
Русская рулетка 2 THz
Posted on reddit? Yes
Is also a music note? Yes
Svens ir autists Yes
Amount of symbols 1
лёшка уебан Yes
ян-боян Yes
Drink? Yes
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn Yes
Stupidity Yes
Makes you horny? Yes
Are you a programmer? Yes
Batmobile Support? Yes
Supports Trump? No
function calling model "call-by-value" Yes
function calling model
Can be written with a bottle of vodka Yes
Has a secret cow level? No
Named after a comedy group? No
Named as a characters from Star Wars No
Anthropomorphism Yes
Algological API No
Dave Proof? Yes
Is Literal Garbage No
Uses Nazi symbol for logo No
Extra Cheese 1 020 kg
Is this table useless? Yes
Harambe loves it? Yes
Will save Harambe if possible Yes
Simple to understand Yes
Can make you look smart Yes
 Exportar a Excel las personas relacionas con la solicitud Yes
Is groovy? Yes
Hack friendly No
Used to hack Clinton's e-mail server Yes
Actually makes no logical sense No
Machine learning Yes
Advanced Segmentation Yes
Better than Kotlin Yes
Does Trump like it Yes
Believes the World Is Flat No
Trump approved Yes
Ukr is lodu ? Yes
You'll face difficulty (only for JU students) ? No
Sexy? Yes
Will Help Trump Make America Great Again No
intellij idea native support Yes
Clojure Yes
High Speed Dubbing No
Full Logic Yes
lavalamp Yes
Carry You to Hell No
Albert likes it Yes
is it used to troll vschart? Yes
Confusing as Hell? No
69 Yes
Racial Equality Yes
Glutius Maximus Yes
Reads naturally Yes
Frictionless in 90% of cases Yes
Fast to develop Yes
A genius would like it Yes
Approved by gay community Yes
Never gonna give you up Yes
Chance of something useful after this point 42
Everything above is false No
Fun to work with Yes
Annie are you okay? Yes
Never gonna let you down Yes
Is the best choice Yes
Supports olala Yes
Mid or Feed Yes
Make you Cry? No
Rhymes with another english word Yes
Is Quantum 666 MHz
Can help Modi to make New India ? Yes
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