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Informatica RulePoint vs. Microsoft StreamInsight vs. EsperTech NEsper

Informatica RulePoint Microsoft StreamInsight EsperTech NEsper
Extension/Plug-in Yes Yes Yes
Operating system
Programming language
Website www.​informatica.​com/​us/​pr…g/​rulepoint/​ msdn.​microsoft.​com/​en-us/​…e362541.​aspx esper.​codehaus.​org/​about/​…/​nesper.​html
Web interface Yes No No
Social Networks ? ?
DSL Yes No Yes
Highly Available Yes Yes No
Script Language Yes ? ?
Database ?
Free to use ? No ?
Free for commercial use ? No ?
Open Source ? No ?
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Informatica RulePoint Microsoft StreamInsight EsperTech NEsper

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    Database refers to what data store is used to store metadata used by the processing engine.

    Highly Available refers to configuration options available out of the box without custom application development being required.

    DSL refers to a built in textual language that gets processed into rules the engine understands.

    Social Networks refers to the ability of the particular engine to access data from the specified social networks to easily utilize as input even types.
    normanhh304. Nov 2012 / 15:38

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