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Preference (50% global votes)
Unicode Yes
Interpreter Yes
Tag OPP, function
Map and reduce Yes
Target audience
Difficulty level
Version number 5.6
Browser support
Implementation flexibility (50% global votes)
Out-of-the-box functionality (50% global votes)
Realtime Yes
Ease of use ★★★★☆
Copy, Cut and Paste Support Yes
Free for commercial use Yes
Easy of Use Yes
Sexiness 1
Websocket Support Yes
Events Support Yes
Lambda Expressions Yes
Properties Yes
Partial Classes Yes
Value types creation No
Method signatures passing as parameter Yes
Runtime Generic Support Yes
Runtime dynamic types Yes
Closures Yes
iOS Development Support Yes
Native asynchronous operators await/async Yes
Perfomance ★★★★☆
I like it Yes
Debug Mode Yes
Symbols Yes
Personalization Yes
Supported from Google Yes
Makes you angry No
Easy to Learn Yes
Extensibility Yes
Ajax Yes
Higher Kinded Types No
Pattern Matching Yes
Object-Oriented Views Yes
Operating system server
Package Manager Yes
Easy Setup Yes
Jquery Yes
jQuery Support Yes
Stored Procedure Yes
Android App Yes
User-friendly Yes
Internationalization Yes
Heroku Support Yes
Easy to Config No
Will get you a job Yes
Supported by Microsoft No
Official IDE Support Yes
Can function without AJAX Yes
Concurrency Yes
HTML Binding Yes
Dynamic Language Yes
Orientado à memoria RAM No
Linguagem do capeta Yes
Android Development Support Yes
Exist In The Future Yes
Garbage Collection Yes
Increase Stress Levels No
Inheritance Yes
:) Yes
Awesome Yes
Does your mom understand it Yes
Crappy as wordpress Yes
High peformance Yes
Bootstrap Yes
Funny Yes
IE Compatibility Yes
Command-line console Yes
For Gael Yes
Better than Node.js Yes
Popularity 1 000
Easy to learn Yes
+ or - Yes
Am i drunk ? Yes
Simple Yes
Hello World! Yes
Yes or No? Yes
Best language ever? Yes
 Exportar a Excel las personas relacionas con la solicitud No
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