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Sitecore vs. F#

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Sitecore F Sharp
Preference (30% global votes) (56% global votes)
Website www.​sitecore.​net fsharp.​net
Implementation flexibility (29% global votes) (67% global votes)
Out-of-the-box functionality (29% global votes) (62% global votes)
Full text search Yes ?
Multi-user system Yes ?
Multiple projects Yes Yes
Standard compliance Yes Yes
User statistics Yes ?
Extension/Plug-in Yes Yes
WYSIWYG-Editor Yes Yes
External pages Yes ?
Revision control Yes Yes
Template language ?
System requirements
Operating system
Programming language
Memory recommended 4 GB 16 GB
Memory minimum 2 GB ?
Social functions
Comments Conditional Yes
Trackback No ?
Pingback No ?
Hierarchical menus Yes ?
Multiple categories Yes ?
Multilingual content Yes Yes
Description Sitecore is content management system software for websites. F# (pronounced F Sharp) is a multi-paradigm programming language, targeting the .NET Framework, that encompasses functional programming as well as imperative and object-oriented programming disciplines. It is a variant of ML and is largely compatible with the OCaml implementation.
Tag Taxonomy Multi-paradigm programming language, OOP, Functional programming, Concurrent programming, Agent programming
Autofocus Yes ?
Image processing engin Yes Any .net libraries
Interpreter No Yes
Database model
Transactions Yes Yes
Unicode Yes Yes
Energy consumption ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆
Atomicity Yes ?
Horizontal scalable Yes ?
Target audience
Scaffolding Yes ?
Design pattern
Development principles ?
Difficulty level
Application startup time 144 y ?
Version number 8.2 4.0
Adobe Flash Support Yes ?
Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) Yes Yes
Machine Code Generation Yes No
Release Date 30ᵗʰ June 2004 2005
Documentation level ★★★★☆ ★★★★★
E-Mail protocols
Multi tasking Yes Yes
RESTful Yes ?
Code Generation Conditional Yes
Dynamic typing No No
Value size max. 60 B ?
Programming paradigm
Scripting language support
Free to use No Yes
Active Yes Yes
Supported VCS
Database Connection Pooling Yes Yes
Real time analytics Yes ?
Creation Date 2001 2004
Community Driven Good Good
Wizard Yes ?
HTML syntax Yes Yes
WSDL Yes Yes
Reliability ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆
Versioning Good ?
Data encryption Yes Conditional
Custom queries Good ?
Layout Structure Template Yes ?
File Assets Yes ?
API Good Good
Compiled language Yes Yes
XML Aware Good ?
Client/Server code reuse ?
Data storage ?
Batch Processing Yes ?
Scheduled posts Yes ?
Cloud platform support
Admin Generator Yes ?
Browser support
API comprehensibility ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆
Active Directory Yes ?
Jobs Oportunities ★★★★☆ ★★★☆☆
SOA Yes ?
LDAP Yes Yes
Query Cache Yes ?
Realtime Yes ?
Data Security Yes Yes
Community feedback ★★★★☆ ★★★★★
Ease of use ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Highly Available Yes ?
Copy, Cut and Paste Support Yes Yes
Free for commercial use No Yes
Easy of Use Yes ?
Sexiness 42 ?
Open Source No Yes
Content Preview Yes ?
Web Developer Toolbar Yes ?
IntelliSense Yes Yes
XQuery Support Yes ?
Language Integrated Query Yes Yes
iOS Development Support Yes Yes
Perfomance ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆
Database migrations Yes ?
Multivariant Tests Yes ?
Debug Mode Yes Yes
Cloud-enabled Yes ?
Click & Edit in Place / WYSIWYG Yes ?
Archive Conditional ?
Autocomplete Code Yes Yes
Dependency Injection Yes ?
Personalization Yes ?
Makes you angry No No
Insite Editing Yes ?
Easy to Learn Yes Yes
Extensibility Yes Yes
Ajax Yes Yes
User management Yes ?
Object-Oriented Views Yes ?
Object Oriented Models Yes ?
Mobile ready Yes ?
PDF Support Yes ?
ACL Yes ?
Operating system server ?
Package Manager Yes Yes
Makes developer create a slew of inefficient Javascript Yes No
Easy Setup Yes Yes
Jquery Yes Yes
jQuery Support Yes Yes
Vertically Scalable Yes ?
User-friendly Yes Yes
SEO Yes ?
unnecessary features No ?
Internationalization Yes Yes
Easy to Config Yes ?
Will get you a job Yes Yes
Is reliable and secure Yes Yes
Scalability Yes Yes
Ability to link to external programs and systems Yes Yes
Partner Respect Yes ?
Supported by Microsoft Yes Yes
Gartner Yes ?
Hot deployment Yes ?
Responsive Website Yes ?
Попаболь No ?
Enterprise Yes Yes
Namespaces Yes Yes
Inbuilt Captcha Yes ?
MVC Yes Yes
24/7 support Yes ?
Template Import/Exports Yes ?
Developed for Human Yes ?
Arrogant Creator Yes ?
Yes Yes
Increase Stress Levels Yes No
State of the art technology Yes ?
Awesome Yes ?
Looks good on resumé Yes ?
Shitty Code No ?
Does your mom understand it No No
Clean Yes ?
High peformance Yes No
Liked by non-geeks Yes ?
Make life easier Yes Yes
Doesn't Suck No Yes
Write Less, Do More Yes Yes
Used by Chuck Norris Yes ?
Did I waste my time going down all these options?! No Yes
Write More, Do Less Yes ?
Easy to learn Yes Yes
Final Score 5 101
Is Better Than ASP .NET MVC Yes Yes
Hard to learn No ?
Can i sleep with it ? Yes ?
Should I learnd It? No Yes
Existe No ?
Makes you breakfast in the morning Yes ?
Ima šusa No ?
Make you Cry? Yes ?
Can help Modi to make New India ? Yes ?
Brand ?
Price rating ? ★★★★☆
Script language ? Yes
Map and reduce ? Yes
Influences ?
REPL ? Yes
Embeddable ? Yes
Open Architecture ? Yes
Compiler ? Yes
Control structures ? Yes
Annotation Support ? Yes
Duck typing ? Yes
Useless ? No
CLR ? Yes
Nested Comments ? Yes
Type inference ? Yes
Websocket Support ? Yes
Maven support ? No
Events Support ? Yes
Lambda Expressions ? Yes
Properties ? Yes
Partial Classes ? Yes
Unsafe code support ? Yes
Value types creation ? Yes
Value type variables passing as reference ? Yes
Safe casting ? Yes
Runtime Generic Support ? Yes
Runtime dynamic types ? Yes
Closures ? Yes
Delegates ? Yes
Native asynchronous operators await/async ? Yes
I like it ? Yes
Static Typing ? Yes
Clone Test ? Yes
Symbols ? Yes
Supported from Google ? No
Unit Testing ? Yes
Macro System ? No
Pattern Matching ? Yes
Optional Static Type ? Yes
Android App ? Yes
Full-Stack ? Yes
Clients synchronization ? Yes
Heroku Support ? Yes
JIT Compiler ? Yes
Type Safety ? Yes
Self Server ? Yes
Bytecode Generation ? No
XSS ? No
Official IDE Support ? Yes
Amount of letters ? 1
Can function without AJAX ? Yes
Concurrency ? Yes
Programs ?
Android Development Support ? Yes
Windows Development Support ? Yes
javascript compiler ? Yes
Is VsChart totally worthless? ? Yes
Manual Memory Management ? No
Garbage Collection ? Yes
Sodium ? 800
Aida Corrales Mier ? Yes
Windows support ? Yes
Inheritance ? Yes
:) ? Yes
Is a Snake ? ? No
Can be developed from linux ? Yes
elegant ? Yes
Do I Like it ? Yes
Funny ? Yes
Better than Node.js ? Yes
Integrated Debugger ? Yes
Is it Lisp? ? No
Is a bird? ? No
This site is useless ? Yes
Actually works ? Yes
Can teleport an unicorn in your room ? No
is from microsoft ? Yes
Hitler liked it ? No
wtf/minute ? 4 000 000 000
Makes you insane ? No
\lim_{x\to 2}f(x)=w? ?
seriously ? No
Hakuna matata ? No
Modify Code in Runtime ? Yes
The Cow likes it ? Yes
is a language? ? Yes
达尼 ? No
Did Microsoft declare it "the standard"? ? No
Hello World! ? Yes
Can it print 39? ? Yes
Yes or No? ? Yes
Best language ever? ? Yes
Is Force sensitive? ? No
360 noscope triple headshot API ? Yes
Is a cagada ? No
4+2 ? 6
Are you still reading? ? Yes
; drop table users; ? Yes
Threadsafe ? Yes
Stolen ? Yes
Vendor Lock-In ? Yes
Will it degrade your intelligence ? Yes
Does it Collect Garbage? ? Yes
Average executable size (MB) ? 9 001
Keyboard support ? No
Suitable for Mobile Development ? Yes
Allows Spaghetti code ? No
dafuq!!! did i just read all this bullshit ? No
can donald trump build a wall using this ? ? No
Is this chart bullshit ? ? Yes
Cures Cancer ? No
Can be used for sexual satisfaction ? Yes
Walter La Ganga ? 4 W
How long it takes to learn? ? 1 y
Русская рулетка ? 2 THz
Posted on reddit? ? Yes
Is also a music note? ? Yes
Svens ir autists ? Yes
Amount of symbols ? 1
лёшка уебан ? Yes
ян-боян ? Yes
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn ? Yes
Stupidity ? No
Is Literal Garbage ? No
Uses Nazi symbol for logo ? Yes
Hack friendly ? No
Used to hack Clinton's e-mail server ? Yes
Trump approved ? No
Sexy? ? Yes
Will Help Trump Make America Great Again ? No
High Speed Dubbing ? No
Full Logic ? Yes
Fast to develop ? Yes
A genius would like it ? Yes
Fun to work with ? Yes
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Sitecore F#
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