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Nexus 6

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Description Makes the iPad 4 look like a kids toy
Global product code 696969696969
Multi-user system Yes
Pixel effective (camera) 13 megapixel
Bluetooth Yes
Autofocus Yes
Battery life standby max. 69 000 h
Gyroscope Yes
Accelerometer sensor 3D
Ambient light sensor Yes
Permanent storage 69 TB
Face/secondary camera 2 megapixel
Cellular radio
Battery life max. 690 h
Digital zoom 69 ×
Weight 55 g
Screen size diagonal 345 ″
Screen type
Screen pixel 69 megapixel
Operating system
Website song.​seungjae.​will.​makeyou.​happy.​com
USB port No
Energy consumption ★★★★☆
Angle viewing ★★★★☆
Price rating ★★★★☆
Product code 69696969696969
Touchscreen Yes, Resistive
Processor 69 GHz
Memory (RAM) 69 GB
Software distribution
W-Lan 600 Mbit/s
Memory card
Width 10.2 cm
Length 25.4 cm
Height 1.8 m
Cores 16
Target audience
Multi-touch 50 fingers
Widescreen Yes
Pixel short side 22 000
Pixel long side 13 300
Physical gaming buttons Yes
Application startup time 10 ms
FM Radio Good
Screen resolution DPI 2
Version number 6.969
Adobe Flash Support Yes
Preference (100% global votes)
Infrared Port Yes
Battery capacity 55 Ah
Storage usable for apps 3 TB
USB On-the-Go Yes
Video Recording Resolution
Splash Guard Yes
World Phone Yes
3D Screen Yes
SIM card slots 25
Display connection
Memory (RAM) max. 69 GB
Audio Out Yes
Gorilla glass Yes
Speech Recognition Assistant Good
Magnetometer Yes
Storage max. 69 EB
Air play support Yes
Sexiness 69
Bluetooth Version
Magic Yes
Corruption Resistant Yes
:) No
How many Cobra a day 69
Waterproof No
Dust Proof Yes
Military Proof Yes
Are you dumb? Yes
Are you still reading? Yes
Are u still here? Yes
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Nexus 6
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