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fat free framework

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Preference (27% global votes)
Website symfony.​com
System requirements
Operating system
Programming language
Memory recommended 128 MB
Memory minimum 12 MB
Multi-user system Yes
Pingback Yes
Extension/Plug-in Yes
Multilingual content Yes
Transactions Yes
Unicode Yes
Energy consumption ★★★★☆
Angle viewing ★★★☆☆
WYSIWYG-Editor Yes
Multiple projects Yes
Template language
Target audience
Full text search Yes
Scaffolding Yes
Design pattern
Multi-touch 50 fingers
Difficulty level
Version number 3
Release Date July 2017
Documentation level ★★★★☆
E-Mail protocols
Multi tasking Yes
RESTful Yes
Code Generation Yes
Programming paradigm
Comments Conditional
Scripting language support
IP support
Free to use Yes
Active Yes
Supported VCS
Database Connection Pooling Yes
Separate Service Layer Yes
Creation Date 18ᵗʰ October 2005
Community Driven Good
HTML syntax Yes
Reliability ★★★★☆
Versioning Good
Data encryption Yes
Custom queries Good
Layout Structure Template Yes
File Assets Yes
API Good
Compiled language No
Browser support
Custom Themes Yes
Webmail Yes
Implementation flexibility (50% global votes)
Out-of-the-box functionality (50% global votes)
Query Cache Yes
Ease of use ★★★★☆
Easy of Use No
Sexiness 7
Maven support No
Makes you angry Yes
Easy to Learn No
Operating system server
Full-Stack Yes
Will get you a job Yes
PhpStorm Yes
Enterprise Yes
Increase Stress Levels Yes
Looks good on resumé Yes
Has Stupid Developers No
Clean No
Atractive No
Liked by non-geeks Yes
Make life easier No
Do I Like it No
Has cheeseburger No
make coffee No
Has Igor's Support No
Andrew likes it? Yes
Obama code with this framework? No
Easy to learn No
Depends on Composer Yes
Simple No
Can be deployed via file copying? Yes
Mother of frameworks No
Will see in future Yes
Actually works Yes
Is pragmatic Yes
Is able to distract an ajax request while compiling C++ code instead Yes
Built for lazy developers No
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fat free framework
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