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vibe.d vs. Apache Struts

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Preference (88% global votes) (35% global votes)
Website vibed.​org struts.​apache.​org
System requirements
Operating system
Programming language
Memory recommended 1 MB 256 MB
Multi-user system Yes Yes
Interpreter No Yes
Multilingual content Yes Yes
Database model
Unicode Yes Yes
WYSIWYG-Editor No Yes
Multiple projects Yes Yes
Standard compliance Yes Yes
Map and reduce Yes ?
Revision control Yes Yes
Template language
Full text search Yes Yes
Design pattern
Development principles
Difficulty level
Application startup time 1 ms ?
Machine Code Generation Yes ?
Documentation level ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆
E-Mail protocols ?
Multi tasking Yes Yes
RESTful Yes Yes
Code Generation Yes Conditional
Programming paradigm
Free to use Yes Yes
Active Yes Yes
Supported VCS ?
Database Connection Pooling Yes Yes
Community Driven Good Good
Custom queries Good Good
Layout Structure Template Yes Yes
API Good Basic
Compiled language Yes Yes
Out-of-the-box functionality (100% global votes) (50% global votes)
Free for commercial use Yes Yes
Easy of Use Yes Yes
JVM No Yes
Open Source Yes Yes
Websocket Support Yes Yes
Events Support Yes ?
Lambda Expressions Yes Yes
Partial Classes Yes ?
Closures Yes Yes
Perfomance ★★★★★ ★★★★☆
I like it Yes Yes
Static Typing Yes ?
Cloud-enabled Yes ?
API Test Control Yes ?
Personalization Yes Yes
Makes you angry No Yes
Unit Testing Yes Yes
Ajax Yes Yes
Object Oriented Models Yes Yes
Operating system server
Package Manager Yes ?
Easy Setup Yes Yes
Jquery Yes Yes
Internationalization Yes Yes
Self Server Yes No
Hot deployment Yes ?
Namespaces Yes Yes
MVC Yes Yes
Is VsChart totally worthless? Yes ?
Garbage Collection Yes Yes
Yes Yes
C++ power Yes ?
Proves You Can Code? Yes Yes
Clean Yes Yes
Bootstrap Yes Yes
360 noscope triple headshot API Yes ?
Anyone can add rows Yes ?
supports Serialization Yes ?
Is Nazi technology? No ?
Description ? A simple to use framework to seamless data transfer between client and server
Tag ? struts
Autofocus ? Yes
Pingback ? Conditional
Extension/Plug-in ? Yes
External pages ? Yes
User statistics ? No
Atomicity ? Yes
Isolation ? Yes
Horizontal scalable ? Yes
Target audience ?
Framework ?
Scaffolding ? No
Version number ? 2.5.13
Adobe Flash Support ? Yes
Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) ? Yes
Release Date ? 2001
Lines of code ? 0 
Dynamic typing ? Yes
Comments ? Yes
Scripting language support ?
Frontend ?
Compression ? Yes
Separate Service Layer ? Yes
Creation Date ? 2015
HTML syntax ? Yes
WSDL ? Yes
Reliability ? ★★★★★
Versioning ? Good
Input Widgets ? Yes
XML Aware ? Good
Client/Server code reuse ?
Embeddable ? Yes
Open Architecture ? Yes
Cloud platform support ?
Admin Generator ? No
Browser support ?
API comprehensibility ? ★★★★☆
Webmail ? Yes
Jobs Oportunities ? ★★★☆☆
Implementation flexibility (0% global votes) (50% global votes)
Control structures ? Yes
Annotation Support ? Yes
LDAP ? Yes
Backup functionality ? Good
Query Cache ? Yes
Realtime ? No
Community feedback ? ★★★★☆
Ease of use ? ★★★★☆
Highly Available ? Yes
Malicious Injection Prevention ? Yes
Copy, Cut and Paste Support ? Yes
Read preferences ? Yes
Realtime Server Push ? No
Value-to-Object Transformation ? Yes
Type inference ? Yes
XQuery Support ? Yes
Maven support ? Yes
Properties ? Yes
iOS Development Support ? Yes
Asyncronous JS loading ? Yes
JavaScript Library included ? No
Debug Mode ? Yes
Documentation ?
Autocomplete Code ? Yes
Dependency Injection ? Yes
Easy to Learn ? Yes
Extensibility ? Yes
GUI ? No
User management ? No
module ? Yes
jQuery Support ? Yes
User-friendly ? Yes
SEO ? Yes
Framework specific vocabulary ? Yes
Easy to Config ? Yes
Will get you a job ? Yes
Is reliable and secure ? No
Scalability ? Yes
Official IDE Support ? Yes
Use components elsewhere? ? Yes
Federally Taxed ? Yes
Responsive Website ? Yes
Has SBT ? No
Can function without AJAX ? Yes
HTML Binding ? Yes
Попаболь ? Yes
Dynamic Language ? No
Enterprise ? Yes
Crud generation ? Yes
Android Development Support ? Yes
Will make super models fall in love with you ? No
Developed for Human ? Yes
Exist In The Future ? Yes
Html customisation ? Yes
Any good? ? Yes
Windows support ? Yes
Inheritance ? Yes
IDE method invoke validation ? Yes
IDE field use validation ? Yes
State of the art technology ? Yes
Awesome ? Yes
Makes your hair fall ? No
Looks good on resumé ? Yes
good ? 87
Has Stupid Developers ? Yes
Faster ? Yes
Does your mom understand it ? No
Crappy as wordpress ? No
Atractive ? Yes
High peformance ? Yes
Liked by non-geeks ? Yes
Make life easier ? Yes
Can be developed from linux ? Yes
Write Less, Do More ? Yes
=P ? No
Do I Like it ? Yes
Funny ? No
IE Compatibility ? Yes
Write More, Do Less ? Yes
Popularity ? 150
Easy to learn ? Yes
Simple ? Yes
This is stupid ? Yes
puuuuu ? Yes
Was it worth reading till end? ? No
Is Better Than ASP .NET MVC ? Yes
Progressive Enhancement ? Yes
Hard to learn ? No
can it hello world? ? Yes
Actually works ? Yes
is from microsoft ? No
Can be used while on drugs ? No
Would you like fries with that? ? No
Makes you wanna have sex? ? Yes
Bush did 9/11? ? Yes
Will write code if your a dumbass ? Yes
can donald trump build a wall using this ? ? Yes
Runs Half-life 3 ? Yes
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vibe.d Apache Struts
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