Create entry is a Comparison Wiki

You can compare all kinds of stuff in nice side-by-side comparisons. The project is community driven, which means that everyone can contribute, add new items, create new categories or even add new attributes to a comparison - without a login.

What it is for? is all about choices. It makes choices easier and more clear.

If you are looking for a new phone or you ask yourself "Which database is best for my next project?", this site will help you. is helpful for all those choices that depend on good and comparable information. It is a central platform to collect information and share them with the world.

What is special about

  • Community driven at the heart and flexible in every direction
  • Comparisons are sharable – as an embedded window or as full HTML source
  • Open licensed like Wikipedia (CC-BY-SA) – you can reuse it everywhere!
  • Algorithmic quality assured – if 5 users say something is X and just one user says it is Y, the system takes X
  • Visualises all important differences – just spot for the column with more blue
  • Automatically multilingual – an item added in one language is directly translated in all languages
  • Strictly structured and semantica data – interesting for future services

Who is behind this site?

The developer and founder of is Florian Heinze. He is a web programmer since the year 2000 and a founder since 2008.
He is living in Bielefeld, which is said to be some average German town. In his free time he likes to do long walks to the country side.