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FAQ: Questions and answers

How to edit data?
Just click on a data cell in a comparison. A small form will open instantly.
How to add a new entry?
Use the "Add new entry" form.
How to start a new category?
Adding a category is the same like a normal entry – just click on "Add new entry" and then select "Category" as category.
How to add a row to a comparison?
At the bottom of the side-by-side comparison, click on "+ Add row"
How to design a new row type?
Use the link "Design row type" in the footer (still in alpha stage).
How can I create those groupings of rows with a subheading?
An interface to do this is sadly still missing. New row types will be at first displayed at the end of the table. However they can be grouped later. Send us a message and we will look for it.
Do I have to register?
Can I trust the data?
Not 100%. Most people have good intensions, however from time to time it happens that someone contributes wrong data by accident or just try to vandalize.
Luckily thanks to our automatic correction system these problematic contributions will show up less and less. Additionally we control a lot of the contributions manually.
Why can I login in if it is not necessary?
If you are logged in, you collect reputation with every contribution. This can bring you into the list of Top Users and can be useful for features in the future.
I get an error or something looks broken?
We are sorry for that! We would be thankful if you could tell us about it. You can take the form at the bottom of this page or write to feedback[ät]
Something looks incomplete?
We are still in beta stage, if something seems a bit incomplete, we apologize for the inconvenience! We will work hard to improve it as soon as possible.
Where can I send feedback?
Send a message to feedback[ät] or use the following contact form